Omar Boraie Chair at Rutgers Cancer Institute

On November 2015, Rutgers Cancer Institute established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, reports The reason was to facilitate precision medicine research. At higher education level, an endowed chair is considered the gold standard which shows the institute’s commitment to a particular academic discipline. Omar Boraie is a real estate developer who is famous for his work in Brunswick. To support Genomic Science research at the cancer institute, he has donated a huge amount of one-and-half million dollars. Rutgers University has an eighteen chair campaign in which each donor provides one-and-half million dollars. The chair named after Boraie is one of them. One can find the details of this information at Newswire.

The fields like Genomic Science and Precision Medicine are rapidly changing in the modern era. As a result, the scientists and medical researchers are forced to change their methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is about analyzing and treating the tumor. The new approach enables oncologists to provide better results through tailored therapies. Even former US President Barack Obama mentioned in his State of the Union Address that an initiative for precision medicine would be launched on a national level. It would focus on the treatment of many diseases including cancer. Several centers are trying to find a cure for cancer by using gene sequencing. Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first one to use genomic sequencing.

There are some cancer problems that do not have effective treatments. Genomic sequencing is necessary to find therapies for such problems. At the same time, precision medicine is categorizing the sub-categories of different types of cancers based on similar characteristics but separate genetics. The process facilitates to bring better results, and doctors can proceed with individualized cancer therapies.

Omar Boraie expressed his views about the work being done by the physicians and scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute. He said that they are doing a good job in precision medicine which would help patients with unusual cancers. It will be a very good thing if all cancer patients can benefit from this advancement. Boraie’s pledge is to support this important work that can bring unexpected results. He added that his family’s pledge would also encourage other people to support this important work. Robert S. DiPaola, Director Rutgers Cancer Institute, said that Boraie is working on developing a healthcare city in New Brunswick, It is expected that there will be a significant advancement in Genomic Science due to Omar Boraie’s support.


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