Julie Zuckerberg’s Career As An Executive Recruiter

With the changing business environment, companies have been forced to enhance the quality of employees that they employ. This is because employees determine the quality of services a company can offer. With loads of corporations fighting for the same customers, customer care and quality services remain as every company’s top priority. Factors such as technology and funding are also crucial in determining the success of a business. Finding talented employees is also becoming a herculean task. To this end, companies have been enlisting the services of renowned recruitment experts such as Julie Zuckerberg. The visionary leader is the executive talent acquisition lead of the Deutsche Bank. The manager’s experience in the field has enabled her to develop imperative skills and master the sophisticated art of talent acquisition. In New York City, Julie Zuckerberg is considered one of the most efficient recruitment and human resource specialists. She has worked in the recruitment field for over 15 years. Over the years, she has been able to transform many companies through leading the process of hiring their top executives.

Julie started her talent acquisition career in 2002 when she worked as Hudson’s director of candidate placement. Here, she worked directly with the company’s clients. Her services to the firm included facilitating the recruitment of case managers, paralegals, attorneys, and support staff. Mostly, Julie worked with financial institutions and law firms. In 2007, the recruitment expert left Hudson and joined Citi Global Functions. As the executive recruiter of the firm, she managed to handle the cutthroat corporate world competition. The new position also provided her with the chance to learn new skills and test her expertise in the field. After four years, she moved to Citi Global Bank where she also served as an executive recruiter. She was heavily involved in the recruitment of senior level executives at the corporation. Her responsibilities were also more complex. Julie’s hard work and commitment resulted in her promotion to serve as the vice president & executive recruiter of Citi. This information was originally published on Mast Heading website.

Having spent his early years recruiting talented employees for different organizations, Julie was curious to try her hand a new field. Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company where she served as an experienced hire recruiting lead and corporate vice president. She worked for the firm between 2013 and 2014. In this short period, she was responsible for hiring senior level managers. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg works for the Deutsche Bank as the vice president and executive recruiter. Apart from providing leadership in the recruitment process of top talented employees, Julie also oversees various functions such as asset management, wealth & commercial clients, private, and GTO recruitment issues. Julie uses a unique approach to recruitment. She prefers working with senior managers from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process. This approach helps her to recruit talented employees who satisfy the needs of the company and its clients.



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