The Success Attained by Fabletics Under the Leadership of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is acknowledged for her effort in spearheading the success of Fabletics in the fashion e-commerce market. In fact, she is applauded for succeeding in an industry that is mostly controlled by Amazon. Since its inception, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million business in about three years thanks to Kate Hudson and her team.


Previously, high-value brands are defined by quality and price of the commodities. However, times have changed, and such qualities are no longer enough to guarantee success or be competitive.


Fabletics has attained most of its success by leveraging various techniques such as reverse showrooming. Although various fashion e-commerce retailers have failed in showrooming, Fabletics utilizes the reversed model of showrooming. In fact, the current strategy allows them to be relied on, build relationships and understand the local markets.


About 30-50% of the customers that walk through Fabletics’ door are members while 25% others transform into members in a store. When customers are shopping and they try any item, it automatically enters into their shopping cart. For Fabletics retail serves as another part of service.


A Detailed Look at Fabletics and its Services


Fabletics is one of the major brands under TechStyle Fashion Group. It operates as an online subscription retailer that deals with the sale of women’s accessories and sportswear. According to a review by A Foodie Stays Fit, Fabletics is an apparel company whereby a new VIP member can get the first outfit at only $25 coupled with discounted prices on various a la carte items. The benefit of joining Fabletics as a VIP is that you are neither forced to buy anything nor pay a monthly fee. Nonetheless, the significant advantage of being a Fabletics member is that outfits are curated for you on a monthly basis.


Once you become a Fabletics member, you are required to take part in a survey concerning the types of workouts and styles of outfits you prefer. Subsequently, workout outfits are picked on your behalf at the start of each month. According to A Foodie Stays Fit, the quality of outfits sold by Fabletics is high compared to the price. As a new member, consider taking a quick lifestyle quiz in a bid to get personalized outfit selections to match your workout.

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