Visit Kyoto’s Major Sites With Kim Dao

Kim Dao just posted a new vlog on YouTube exploring the ancient Japanese city Kyoto. She entitled this video “First Day in KYOTO – Sightseeing for a Day | KimDao.”Learn more :


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she will be visiting places in Kyoto she has never seen before. As you can tell from the background, it was raining a bit before Kim Dao started vlogging.


The first place Kim Dao takes us is the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Although it took a lot of effort to climb to the top of this mountain, Kim Dao says it was worth it for the aerial view of Kyoto.


As Kim Dao climbs down the mountain, she says that she is planning on eating lunch with friends. Once she gets to the restaurant, Kim Dao orders a seaweed salad and a green tea infused ice cream dessert.Learn more :


After lunch, Kim Dao orders a bus pass to travel around Kyoto. Her first stop is at Kinkaku-ji, which contains the famous Golden Pavilion. Kim Dao gets some amazing shots of this historic Zen temple that inspired Yukio Mishima’s famous work The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.


Next up, Kim Dao visits the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple. Kim Dao is a bit disappointed visiting this temple because many things are under construction. However, she does get some great clips at the top of the temple.Learn more :


In the next shot, Kim Dao is eating a green tea cream puff. Kim then walks to Gion and gets some dinner at a restaurant. The video closes showing Kyoto at night and Kim Dao eating her delicious dinner.

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