The thriving leadership of Rick Shinto at InnovaCare


InnovaCare offers different healthcare services including Medicaid, Medicare Advantage Plus with several other physician-related practices. Currently, the facility services about 200, 000 people with over 7000 personnel to do the work. Since 2012, Rick Shinto has been the president and the CEO of the facility. Under his leadership, a lot of transformation has been observed, and the performance has significantly improved. His leadership has introduced various reforms like harmonizing care models by the provision of broad coverage plans. The CEO made this possible by partnering with the Puerto Rico government, where it operates.

Focusing on the poor

Several people live below the poverty line, and giving these people quality medication can be challenging. Well, Rick has transformed the facility in a way that the poor can access proper medical care without having to struggle. In liaising with the Puerto Rico government, providing medical healthcare through Medicaid has been beneficial. Some people are not in a position to cater for their medical bills; Rick has ensured that their services are subsidized.

The contribution of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plus

Currently, the two systems are the most desired in the United States. First, both Medicaid and Medicare plus is sustainable and very easy to maintain. The biggest challenge is the process of implementation. With his experience in different healthcare organizations, Rick Shinto has transformed InnovaCare to a huge success. His team of experts through the administration have improved the process of implementation.

The Medicare Advantage Plus options

Currently, Dr. Shinto has resolved to the two major plans for the healthcare options. These are the PMC Medicare Choice, and the other is the MMM Healthcare. These two Medicare options are widely used in Puerto Rico to take care of patients who cannot afford expensive medical bills. In the end, the poor citizens are the biggest beneficiaries. The expenditure on medication has been reduced with a huge improvement in efficiency. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

The team of leaders

Rick had in mind that he needs a dedicated team to ensure proper medication for the patients. Because of the large population that depends on the services, it was crucial to come up with people with different expertise to improve healthcare quality. The contribution of Penelope Kokkinides, and her team in transforming InnovaCare is commendable. With a vast experience in administration and management of healthcare systems; she was introduced to the facility in 2015. Having dealt with Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plus options before, she understood how to operate the different choices. Her background education in social work, substance and alcohol abuse and a degree in public health give her the experience in handling different situations. Her experience in organization structure has enabled her to expand her influence in developing clinical programs that have transformed InnovaCare.


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