A Review Of Boraie Development’s Contribution In Transforming New Brunswick

Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie Development, moved to New Brunswick in 1972 to advance his studies in chemistry. During that time, New Brunswick was facing many challenges as an urban city due to the declining property values, relative neglect and rise in immigrant population. By 4 pm, New Brunswick would lose its life after everyone left the city. Boraie saw the need to revive New Brunswick after Johnson & Johnson decided to maintain their headquarters in the city. He wanted to rebuild the city to resemble European cities that he used to explore as a traveling scholar. The enthusiastic businessman set down to develop decent residential units and high rise offices and condos in the city. Omar begun by buying neglected buildings on Albany Street in 1988 where he constructed Albany Street Plaza Tower One, a Class-A office space.

The magnificent building was followed by Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, which was completed in 2003. Four years later, One Street Spring Condominium, a 25-story high rise building Complex was developed. One Street Spring features 121 units, retail stalls, office space and a parking garage. As New Brunswick began to rebound, Omar Boraie, saw the need engage in the development of luxury properties. This was inspired by an influx of professionals, including teachers, doctors, policemen, lawyers and businessmen who were lured by the emerging economy in the city. This situation created a large client base of individuals who appreciated quality residential building. Boraie Development established the glitzy Aspire, a 17-story luxurious residential development. The Aspire has a broad range of restaurants, night clubs and other joints. These developments have seen the city regain its lost glory. This information was originally published on Central Jersey Working Moms as highlighted in the following link http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/category/boraie-development/

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a real estate firm that focuses on urban development. In addition, the company specializes in property management, sales and marketing. They partner with leading financial institutions, architects and contractors to ensure that they deliver the most outstanding buildings within the required time. They boast of having extensive experience in the field of real estate development. Over the years, Boraie Development, (see boraie.com) has built an impressive profile due to its outstanding urban investment strategy that includes financial restructuring or master planning for redevelopment/acquisition of urban properties to cater for the growing economic demands. These developments include residential, mixed use, student housing, retail and hospitality. Their vision, reliability and commitment to work have made them the most sought after developers in New Jersey.

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