The Upbringing of Julia Jackson

Julia is no beginner when it comes to wine, she still remembers picking and sorting grapes at a very young age to help with her parents’ business. Her parents had been in the wine business long before Julia was even born, and they continued after Julia was born. Growing up, Julia was able to help run the wine business and focus on her individual studies. Julia was successful at teaching French to a class of sixth-graders while attending Scripps college for her undergraduate. After earning her bachelor’s degree in studio art, she began to take course at Stanford University for general management.

One of their most popular businesses is the Cambria estates. The Cambria estates was founded in 1987 by Julia’s mother. This business has been in the family for a very long time and each member plays an important role. Julia and her sister are active vintners, their mother oversees all the operations being done since she is the owner, and then they have an actual winemaker who has been with their family business since 1999 and read full article.

Currently Julia is apart of a well established organization called The Seeds of Empowerment. It was founded by the Cambria estates and The organization pledged $100,000 to empower women who want to help benefit and see positive changes throughout different communities.

Julia has come a very long way to be in the position she is today. Her working most of her whole life would be an understatement. She has worked her whole life, committing her time into her family’s business and never complaining. Working at such a young age can impact children in a negative way. Not Julia though, this was her calling to help the business bloom into many sectors. Julia is a positive role model for those wanting to accomplish dreams. Anything can happen with a positive attitude and Julia Jackson’s lacrosse camp.

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