A Preview Into The Life of Mike Baur And Support to Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important sectors as it fuels the lives of many people. It offers employment to many and has been a great source of income by investors. However, understanding how to approach the industry is the biggest challenge among upcoming entrepreneurs. This is a problem Mark Baur identified when he chose to pursue entrepreneurship in 2014. Therefore, he launched the Swiss Startup Factory in a bid to offer support to young entrepreneurs. The Swiss Startup Factory is a facility that offers incubation to startups in Switzerland to help them understand how to run their businesses.


Mike Baur has been on the forefront creating a perfect platform on which upcoming entrepreneurs can nurture their ideas to become established businesses. He previously served as a banker with a flourishing career, but due to the strong urge to try his hand in entrepreneurship, he left banking in 2014. Through his early years, Mike Baur wanted to become a banker. He would read a lot about banking and what it took to become a banker, and with the information, he started pursuing subjects that would prepare him for a career in banking.


He joined the Rochester University for a business course and upon graduating in 1991, Mike Baur started searching for a job. His first employer was the Union Bank of Switzerland. He worked at the bank for close to 20 years and in this period he rose through several ranks. Before he left the bank in 2008, Mike Baur was a key advisor.


In 2008, when he left UBS, Mike Baur joined Clariden Leu. The new opportunity came with better perks as he was appointed as a top-ranking professional. At Clarinet Leu, Mike Baur worked for approximately six years. At this point, he made a major decision that involved leaving banking altogether. His passion for entrepreneurship is what pushed him to leave banking, so to start his new career, he founded an incubation hub, the Swiss Startup Factory.


The facility has been accepting pitches from entrepreneurs form across Switzerland and those that are selected to get incubation are taken through six months of mentoring. There are also investors who are willing to put their money in startups they think are positioned well to take over the industry. Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest hub of incubation in Switzerland. It has partnered with different institutions including universities to offer entrepreneurs resources to advance their ideas.


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