Talk Fusion Offers A Number Of Innovative Products

Talk Fusion was the first to offer the all-in-one video marketing solution to the world. The format is dedicated to assisting businesses in separating themselves from their competition. This is done by increasing sales and profits while keeping customers interested. Talk Fusion is designed to present different ways of marketing using persuasive techniques with video.


Talk Fusion uses a person-to-person marketing style. It works with Independent Associates in over 140 different countries. There is a 30-day free free trial offered for those who want to experiment with the products. Clients can test out the Talk Fusion accessories before they buy them and there is no credit card required for this process.


Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. He is currently the company’s CEO. Bob Reina and his team believe in giving back to the communities that they operate in. They contribute to programs that benefit charities all across the world.


Bob Reina believes that innovation is the foundation of any business. There is always room for growth when creating a brand. Bob has been a leader all of his life and does a great deal of work through philanthropy. Reina understands that in order for him to be successful he must set others up to succeed. This is possible to achieve no matter where someone may be located in the world or what their personal history is.


Reina knows that true success requires a commitment over a period of many years. His self-discipline enable him to remain positive while building his business and overcoming many obstacles. Bob held down several different jobs while trying to finish his coursework at the University of South Florida. He graduated with honors and then pursued a career in law enforcement.


Bob Reina had a passion for marketing. It led to him giving up the idea of simply collecting a steady paycheck. He knew that his friends and family would have questions in the beginning. However, Reina’s vision fueled his confidence. His belief became infectious and he eventually had others wanting to join the team that became Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina recently published new content on the HuffPost. This came during the time of the HuffPost rebranding. His article, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” was published only a day before HuffPost was rebranded from The Huffington Post. His latest article is titled, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” Learn more:


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