Global Advocacy Groups for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights

There are several groups that advocate for protection of human rights. Most of these groups are in the forefront when it comes to migrant rights, civil rights, and human rights. Both national and global networks have played a crucial role in protecting migrant rights through advocacy.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, popularly known as CHIRLA is among the pioneering groups committed to safeguard personal and immigrant rights. The group serves to promote free mobility and democracy. CHIRLA is particularly focused to realize an all-inclusive society regardless of the immigrant society.

CHIRLA has managed to build its influence in changing state policies to accommodate immigrant rights. The group has also launched a campaign to change public opinion with the primary goal of promoting human rights, immigrant rights and civil rights.

CHIRLA was first instituted in 1986 after Immigration Reform and Control Act implementation. The act was mainly drafted to mitigate worker abuse and exploitation. As a result, employers were later expected to document their workers and treat them with fairness.

ACLU immigrant rights project is another renowned advocacy group committed to promote immigrant human rights and civil rights. Besides advocacy, the group execute its mandate by organizing outreach programs and litigations. Apparently, ACLU bears the largest national litigation through district courts and Supreme Court. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

Mike and Jim are particularly committed to meet fair justice irrespective of the immigrant status. The two have directly challenged discriminative laws that bar immigrants from accessing judicial interventions for their rights.

San Francisco Amazon Watch works in partnership with several other indigenous groups and environmental organizations to claim rights for immigrants. The group was formed to curb any form of personal rights even with the latter trends in global industrialization in gas and oil pipeline.

The Advocates for Human Rights are also known for their persistence in protecting human rights across the world. They work with volunteers, staff, and partners both locally and internationally. For the past 30 years, the group has advocated for human rights and has managed to change the lives of most children, immigrants and women.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund purposely to fund migrant rights across Arizona. The two reporters settled the firm’s operations using a $3.75 million settlement following an illegal arrest by the Sheriff. The two sued the county and later won the case, motivated by first amendment rights implementation.

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  1. Human rights advocacy groups has really facilitated a lot of events in our local communities and sometimes I wonder how things could have been without them. Perhaps essayontime things would have been worse than it is already because there are some elites in our society that are head bent on making life difficult for the lower class citizens which is not supposed to so.

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