What Drives the Billionaire Donations of George Soros

Have you ever heard of the Open Society Foundations?

These are some of the most crucial charity organizations that exist today, and they are scattered in many countries around the world, most importantly, the territory of the U.S., and  more information click here.

The Open Society Foundations were created as means to use funding of one of the most prominent investors and billionaires in the world, as well as donations of anyone who wants to help their cause, and use this sum of money to help other people in need. This includes other organizations that are fighting for children and women who suffered abuse, people who suffer from poverty, societies, and communities that suffer from censorship and a lack of freedom of expression, as well as using that money to fund people who were involved in accidents or natural disasters, and his Website.

The Open Society Foundations have helped thousands of people already, and continue to do so every year.

The man who created the Open Society Foundations is George Soros, known by other investors as the genius investor who broke the bank of England. He is one of the wisest and most experienced financial investors and entrepreneurs in the world, alive today, and is also one of America’s most active philanthropists right now.

Since the creation of the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has never stopped donating to his foundations to keep funding them and having them providing financial help to those who have suffered from some form of abuse, censorship or are in extreme need of help, and http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/.

Not only are the Open Society Foundations the biggest chain institutions providing money for philanthropical activities in the world, but the man behind their foundation is also one of the wealthiest people alive today.

According to some, George Soros even had everything to be the wealthiest person alive today, and the number 1 billionaire in Forbes’ list of Wealthiest Billionaires. Why would the philanthropist not want to be the richest person in the world, then?

One has to only see his most recent donation to the Open Society Foundations.

In October of 2017, George Soros gave 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundations, which is more than 50% of what he had in his personal storage. That means he let go over half of his fortune to keep the philanthropical activities of his foundations going.

Not only that, George Soros makes donations like that one every year, even sometimes three times a year. George Soros is definitely one of the most active donators alive, and he is constantly using the profit that he makes from his successful investments and business ideas to fund these organizations.

Why does George Soros care so much for philanthropy? Why does he donate so much of his wealth?

George Soros was born in Hungary, close to the time in history when the Nazi armies were about to invade the country.

Because of how he experienced the terrors of Nazism in the flesh (he was born in a Jewish family), the investor is a big sympathizer of freedom of expression and people helping each other.

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