One Company Is Making Prisons Safer For Both Staff and Inmates

When you think about jails and prisons, chances are, you imagine a dangerous place where violence and danger can lurk around every corner. Heck, it’s been often said that prisons are nothing more than a “college” for first-time offenders. Young convicts enter prison for a small offense and then learn how to commit more violent crimes while on the inside. All is not lost though. During some research on prison violence, I did find one company which is making strides to make the incarceration process safer for both inmates and staff.


Securus Technologies is the leading provider of innovative technologies proven to prevent and solves crime by both inmates and corrupt staff. So what exactly does Securus do? According to some testimonials that I have reviewed, the company monitors calls which can help intercept the smuggling of drugs and weapons into the prison.


In one instance, a monitored call between inmates was instrumental in building a case during a shooting trial. Another instance involved a corrupt staff member who was introducing contraband into the facility. The staff member’s calls were flagged. A search warrant was obtained and the contraband was found, leading to an arrest.


We all live in communities not far from a jail and a prison. I, for one, would like to make sure that this incarceration facility is safe and secure. Having a company like Securus Technologies monitoring the ins and outs of the facility is a great first step in keeping the facility, and our community, safer.

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