Dr. David B Samadi is a successful doctor who currently works in New York. He holds the prestigious position as the Chief of Robot Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He made a long journey to get where he is today. Although people know that he is a successful doctor they often overlook how great of a person he is in general.

David Samadi is a very caring person. He truly wants to benefit others through the work he does. He hopes that he can make other peoples lives easier. Dr. David Samadi locates and diagnoses prostate cancer within men. He has changed the industry of prostate treatment completely. Nine out of ten of his patients are now cancer free. Part of his success can be credited to the system that he developed himself. Samadi was always very interested in the use of robotic surgery techniques and it is one of the reasons that he became a urologist in the first place. Samadi wanted to make prostate procedures easier for patients to deal with. Usually when patients have the procedure done they experience a handful of side effects. The prostate is surrounded by sensitive nerves. Traditional procedures often interfere with those nerves and cause many uncomfortable side effects. Dr. Samadi was able to contribute to a change. He developed a technique which he calls the SMART system. It stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. Using this technique allows for much more precise work around the prostate. Doing so means that the sensitive nerves will not be harmed and therefore the patients will not experience the negative side effects. The fact that Samadi was able to create such an advanced system was amazing and has helped many people.

Samadi is a hardworking individual with a long list of positive character traits. He has what it takes to endure a stressful job and still remain composed, motivated, and determined. Samadi enjoys his job and gets to work at 6 AM every day. He copes with his stress by practicing deep breathing techniques. He also surrounds himself with individuals that have a similar mindset to himself. An interesting aspect regarding Samadi is his photographic memory. Prior to procedures he often studies diagrams which he can easily recall during his procedures. His photographic memory allows him to essentially see the diagram again without looking at it. Samadi is an interesting man and has made great accomplishments.

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