Adam Milstein, Israel’s Advocate

A native to Israel, Adam Milstein is a proud, active supporter of his Jewish heritage and the relations between America (where he now calls home) and the nation of Israel. He is a partner in a real-estate business named Hager Pacific in the United States. Although Adam Milstein’s success reaches far beyond the realm of selling homes. He is most notably known for the extensive work he advocates for his fellow Jews.

A bit of background on this dedicated man who speaks up for his culture will bring you to Israel. Along with his wife Gila, the Milsteins are both veterans of the Israeli Army. Adam served during the war of Yom Kippur, and Gila held a position as an officer. They are both considered Philanthropits and sit on the board of various institutions dedicated to the education and welfare of their people, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

This dynamic couple has started their own organization called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The drive of this organization is to unite the Jewish people, both in the USA and back in the homeland. He also chairs and co-founded the Israeli-American Council.

The focus of these groups is the younger generation, the future state of Israel. Adam Milstein’s aim is to teach these children about their Jewish history, stirring up pride in who they are as a unique people, raising up a generation that is connected to their past and ready to stand for their future as a nation. Although they focus primarily on the youth, these programs are tailored to fit all ages of Jewish people, committing to establishing and keeping relationships. The Milsteins also strongly believe in the ties to America, that it’s an important bond that should be protected, and

Adam Milstein commits a vast amount of time and resources to the good of the Israeli people. He believes strongly in uniting his people together, fighting for their rights and security. That no matter where they live, the Jewish people are all tied to Israel through their faith and background. His dedication is changing lives around the world, and Adam Milstein’s Twitter.

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