Boraie Development, LLC and the Future of New Jersey Real Estate Development

Boraie Development, LLC is a privately owned company in New Brunswick, NJ that has helped develop and revitalize New Jersey’s real estate economy and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Now, they are one of the main actors of New Brunswick renewed look.

These exciting new developments will help keep New Brunswick growing as a vibrant mix of young and professional, business people and students all together in community. This was not designed to simulate a college campus, but instead a reflection of a much more broad version of a larger city. He wants to take back some prosperity to the town, so people can say it’s nice to live in New Brunswick and don’t desire to move away to Jersey City or Hoboken. He likes to call this vision, New Brunswick 2.0.

His father, Omar Boraie once looked out of his 8th floor office window and referred to this as his new dream. This is what Omar Boraie envisioned four decades ago: a modern and deluxe New Brunswick. And people laughed at him. For more details visit Crunchbase.

This is what New Brunswick deserves, Omar and Waseem say. Now, they have their next big project right in their hands: Albany Street Tower Three — a varied use building with 150,000 square feet. You can check out pressofatlanticcity

This is truly an amazing collaboration between both public and private elements. The Town Hall, Rutgers and several private investors have joined in this project to build New Brunswick 2.0, the Boraie family’s dream. No one is laughing now. Instead many saw the vision and worked together to finally make this dream a reality. A city that was once considered dead in the 1970’s, has revived and is an academic and commercial center in the East of the United States thanks to one man’s vision. The American dream.

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