Doe Deere and the Amazing Journey of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Creating own path in the entrepreneurial world is an uphill task, especially when the market is found to be less fascinated with the product portfolio of a company. But, Doe Deere made that possible through her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, when there was a market perception that no boldly colorful cosmetics are well-accepted by the people. She launched her intensely colored cosmetic brand in 2008, and it became a trendsetter in a short span of time. Interestingly, the cosmetic products of the brand carry a number of unique characteristics: certified, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics along with the boldly colorful portfolio of products.



Lime Crime offers a wide range of cosmetic products such as loose pigments, nail polishes, criminally coveted lipsticks, eye-shadow palettes, rainbow-colored liquid liners, glittery lip gloss, and more. While coming to her entrepreneurial journey, Deere says that she was initially designing her own clothes and established an online store to sell her own line of fashion clothes. When she wanted to model for her website, Deere could not find any makeup product that was intensely colorful to match her needs. Therefore, Deere decided to make the cosmetics according to her needs. She was always in love with makeup and fairy tales, and when she wanted to establish a makeup brand, Deere decided to combine both.



Currently, the unique products of Lime Crime are available for the customers through its online store as well as various retail stores across the world. When Deere was establishing the makeup brand, she started with eyeshadow, glitter, fine brushes, different sorts of blush, and primers. Deere tirelessly worked to promote the products of Lime Crime, and since 2009, the cosmetic brand started making significant business in the market. Deere is known for her commitment to go an extra mile to produce unique products. It was quite evident when she attended Fashion Institute of Technology before starting her clothing venture.



Deere confesses that during those years, she was always apprehensive whether her field is clothing industry. She was always trying to demonstrate with her cosmetics products, and that captured the initial attraction of the people. In order to reach the potential customers, Deere started a personal blog in the initial days that was focusing on delivering makeup tutorials. She also conducted numerous online contests similar to Must-Be-Pink, fantasy-style accessory giveaways, and more. With meticulous planning, Deere consistently improved the online presence of the products of Lime Crime. She also created an excellent fan base for the social media accounts of the business. Currently, the Instagram page of Lime Crime has nearly three million followers.



According to Deere, the most effective marketing strategy is listening to the feedbacks of the customers. She takes every criticism as her food for growth and development for her brand. Deere thinks that people would communicate their needs in the forms of feedbacks. Therefore, responding to them through social media channels and advertisements with a positive note generates the required result. Deere also thinks that expressing herself on various topics on what people care most is another important strategy in grabbing attention.


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