Larkin and Lacey Stand Up For the Rights of Immigrants; Despite the Odds

In a recent move that is likely to make president Trump even more controversial, he decided to extend pardon to one Joe Arpaio, a former Maricopa County Sheriff who was just about to be sentenced because of his contempt of court action.

Mr. Arpaio was convicted for contempt of court following the 2007 case in which he defied court orders from a federal judge. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Larkin and Lacey who are the ones that first put old Arpaio on the spot insist that the move by president Trump is a slap in the face of the rights of the people that Mr. Arpaio infringed their rights, mistreated and even contributed to their demise.

Wrongful Arrests

Larkin and Lacey burst into the limelight after suing the former sheriff for wrongful arrest. The former Maricopa County had sought revenge after the two Phoenix Times reporters exposed anomalies in the running of the Maricopa County Security issues.

The arrest of the two journalists culminated in a case that the journalists sued the sheriff for wrongful arrest. The Arizona courts found the sheriff at fault and fined him. Mr. Joe Arpaio was ordered to pay the journalists a sum of $3.7 million.

A Spate of Impunity

Larkin and Lacey helped the public to get to the roots of the extent of abuse of office by the ex-sheriff. They have also brought untold stories of mistreated Latinos and other immigrants to the public domain. Larkin and Lacey decided to start the Frontera Fund to help all oppressed immigrants and Latinos.

The two former Phoenix Times Journalists have consistently exposed attempts to muzzle the freedom of immigrants in Arizona. The Frontera fund seeks to promote civic awareness and assist minorities with legal processes involving violation of their rights.

The two vowed never to sit on the periphery and watch other immigrants being subjected to the same mistreatment that they encountered under the tyrannical leadership of the former Maricopa County Sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio.

Larkin and Lacey Cite Why the Presidential Pardon for Arpaio is A Shame

Firing back at the recent action by President Trump, Mr. Lacey recounted that Joe and Trump had always thought in a similar fashion. He says that the action by the president is in bad taste but it is not surprising because, like Arpaio, Trump harbors racist ideas. It is a reunion of crooks.

Mr. Arpaio will be remembered to have been a staunch supporter of president Trump’s campaign against Obama when he was seeking election as president of the United States of America.  Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Mr. Trump sought, albeit suspiciously to show that Mr. Obama was an illegal immigrant, and, thus not eligible to vie for the top seat in the US. Now that Trump made it to the oval office, he sees it fit to return the favor to a man who is best known to have thrown the law through the window and subjected Latinos and other immigrants to inhumane treatment.

Larkin and Lacey have lined up a string of allegations against Mr. Arpaio including setting up what he himself referred to as a concentration camp for immigrants who he had rounded up.

He is reported to have embezzled funds in illegal transfers that saw up to $ 100 million used in corrupt deals. Other reports related to inmate mistreatment and child abuse.

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  1. To a very large extent I believe that all immigrants deserves the right to live and do business in any country of their choice with any undue restriction. It gets serious when essay order uk puts up a poser which many consider to be ideal. I strongly commend Jim and Lacey for what they are doing so far in the community. Its great seeing persons standing up for people whose right has been trampled upon.

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