An Eye Witness Testimony on Dangers of Contraband Cell-phones in prison

One of the biggest challenges of law enforcement today is the growing use of contraband cell phones in prisons. Robert Johnson, a former worker at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution and a paid consultant with Securus Technologies is a firsthand witness to the crimes and brutality visited by inmates in prison. According to a news feature televised on NBC Miami in November 6, 2017, Robert was shot 6 times and his life threatened by criminal gangs. The story goes like this; on the morning of March, 2010, Johnson was preparing to go to work only to hear someone burst his front door. He immediately suspected a hit and tried to dissuade the attackers from doing anything sinister.


One burly attacker standing barely 6 feet away raised his gun and shot at Johnson 6 times in the chest and stomach. Johnson lost his consciousness and was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Doctors who operated on him described his journey to recovery a miracle in the face of death. The attack was in response to an interception of a large package belonging to a prison gang. The content of the package was valued at about $50,000. Richard was involved in the interception that took place 2 weeks before the attack on his home. Following the attack on Johnson, an ex-convict named Sean Echols was taken into custody and convicted for attempted murder.


Investigations indicated that the attack on Johnson was organized using a contraband cell phone and a reloaded Greendot card valued at $6,000. Since the shooting incident, Johnson has had 23 surgeries and is constantly in pain. However, the attacks haven’t deterred his resolve to fight crimes. The Delray Beach native is on a mission to clear out the cell phones in the hand of inmates. On March 2018, Johnson was called by the FCC to give his views on strategies of controlling contraband cell phones in the hands of criminal inmates. As an individual who closely follows the on goings of the security industry, I would like to bring your attention to developments designed to tackle the problem.


Securus Technologies, a Dallas based law enforcement, public safety and corrections agency has come up with several advanced communication technologies designed to make the world safer. The Securus WCS technology is touted as the only contraband interdiction system that operates in a live-person environment. According to Business Wire, the Securus Wireless Containment Solution can detect and prevent the circulation of dangerous Facebook Live videos. The release of the technology comes hot on the heels of a three and half minute video released from inside the Evans Correctional Institution. The video depicts an inmate waving a knife. The inmate is serving a 10 year sentence for break-in.


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