Rocketship Education is Seeing Soaring Results with Their Metrics System

Education is based on metrics. American children’s future is almost completely engrossed in this metrics system. As, Bs, Cs, SAT scores, ACT scores, and hundreds of other metrics systems are used during a child’s education. These scores are often based on a single endpoint. They measure where a child is at. A question still remains. How far has this child come? Where did it start at and where did it end?

Rocketship Education — a group of public charter schools — is trying to change this. Rocketship didn’t think that an end metric was enough. Rocketship wanted to see how far their children had come. The school system — which works with a majority of economically disadvantaged children — needed a way to measure how far their children had come from where they started.

To fix this, Rocketship Education introduced the MAP metrics system into their school. This metrics system shows Rocketship their students progress throughout the year. So if a student starts behind during the school year, Rocketship can tailor education to fit that child’s learning style and attempt to get that child back to their grade level. Even if that’s not possible MAP still shows whether the child is progressing as a whole.

And how well did this MAP system work? The results should speak for themselves. Last year 146 Rocketeers Rocketship students — started the school year behind. By the end of the year, all 146 were ahead a grade level. This is a massive improvement. MAP gives Rocketship the tools necessary to guide children in a direct and very specific way. Ways which are impossible without a metrics system that measures progress.

Rocketship makes sure to use highly trained and enthusiastic teachers who are willing to adapt learning styles for each particular student. Teaching children on an individual basis is a very important way to teach children. If Rocketship Education keeps using MAP, they may continue to see fantastic results. Only time will tell. For now, Rocketship seems like one of the go-to schools when it comes to education and progressive education.

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