Union Ricardo Tosto: Division Of Assets Involving Parallel Marriage And table

In cases of divorce, the parties become confused and don’t know who to turn to especially when the division of asset is involved. The whole process is emotional and many fall victims to depression, this means if you don’t have a lawyer who is working for you, and representing you in court, you will lose big. One of the experienced lawyers that many runs into when legal issues emerge are Ricardo Tosto who is a renowned Brazilian lawyer and the founding Partner of Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advocates.

Ricardo Tosto recently reported about the division of assets in cases of marriage parallel and stable union of which the matter is still in the Superior Court of Justice, STJ. The whole issue revolves around a stable union of a plaintiff and an officially married man who just separated even before an official divorce was filled. The fourth panel of the Supreme Court dismissed the issue of recognizing such a union and consequently, no division of assets could be brought in because the wife of the man was not involved or summoned in the lawsuit.

The whole issue seemed complicated because the alleged companion seemed to still exist because the man was still living with his ex-wife. Nevertheless, the case seems to more of an adultery matter but the Court of Justice recognized the stable union despite the persistence of the marriage. Lawyer Ricardo Tosto emphasized that the lawsuit would affect the third party who is the holder of assets and happens to be the ex-wife. If the ex-wife joins the defense of the defendant side in order to prove conjugal coexistence which would nullify the recognition of the stable union.

Ricardo Tosto studied at Mackenzie University which formed the foundation of his career. He is recognized to be experienced in Criminal Law, Banking Law, and Commercial law among others. Before founding his company, he worked in the legal management team and as a Human Resource management in Grupo Rede. He has served on various committees like Judicial Reform Committee and Judicial Reform Committee. Ricardo is also a member of International Bar Association and Study Center for Attorney Partnerships.


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