Whitney Wolfe Practices What She Preaches

One of the messages she sends to women is to go for what they want in dating. As a matter of fact, she has stated that women should be able to approach the men they want. She has not only talked about it, she has actually moved forward and met someone using this approach. She has met up with Michael Herd. She has been glad that she has taken this approach. This has turned out to be a good relationship. She has eventually gotten married to Michael Herd. This puts forth a good case for Whitney Wolfe when it comes to how women should approach dating and relationships.

One of the problems with the old approach of waiting for a man to approach is that this was the norm in an older day of dating. Good men were encouraged to approach back then. However, certain movements have occurred where women have expressed their annoyance with harassment. The unfortunate effect of this was that the good men have been discouraged from approaching. This has left women with dealing with all of the men who are more oppressive. Therefore, women have found themselves in toxic relationships. Whitney Wolfe is showing women that if they are proactive about the life they want, then they are going to increase their chances of getting that life.

Whitney Wolfe has built Bumble on this philosophy. She has set it up so that women have to make the first move. While a lot of women may think that men do not like to be approached, women who have tried this approach have found themselves experiencing good results because of this approach. With Bumble, the system matches a man to a woman. Then the system puts a time limit on the response. If no response is made, then the profile that is matched will disappear. The way Whitney Wolfe has set up the system has made it easier for women to find a date.

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