Talk Fusion: User Friendly Video Communication App for the Masses

An article from Public Access discusses the Talk Fusion app and what makes the app so popular. In 2007, Talk Fusion arrived on the app scene and quickly became a popular tool for businesses who wanted to make their marketing tactics more engaging. The app is currently available in 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion recently created a video chat app as well to expand their diversity.


According to the article, the app has a number of new useful features to help companies create a competitive edge. Anyone can download the app on iTunes and Google Play.


Talk Fusion’s most popular product is currently video email. This special feature allows companies to efficiently make contact with any of their contacts. Each user can use their Apple or android device to send video emails directly to their clients. This handy feature allows businesses to keep track of marketing campaigns from anywhere.


The article mentions that video email helps to really personalize messages for contacts and really engages the reader. This is a very smart marketing tactic for any business to really help grab the attention of their contacts.


Using the Talk Fusion app is very customizable as it allows the user to select a template and change the display names and other features. The article mentions that the user can either record a new live video on the app or upload an older one.


The Ceo and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, discusses that the app can also be used to call friends and family. This is a very convenient feature of the app as it allows you and your friends or family to make video calls between multiple devices.


The Talk Fusion app now has a picture messaging feature in chat. The app now allows the user to set up chat rooms. Users can invite friends to chat using the app and have the ability to see who is currently online.


The article mentions that Talk Fusion’s picture quality is also very clear and not choppy.


The app is also free of any adds, which makes it have an advantage over apps that may offer similar services. Talk Fusion offers unlimited messaging and the ability to archive conversations as well.


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