Tips on the Various Ways to tell if a Stock is a Value Trap or Cheap

Over the years, History has proven that the purchase of cheap stocks gives better returns than the investment of expensive shares over an extended period. However, to obtain profits from cheap stocks, you have to ensure that the cheap stock is not a permanent affair. If the cheap stock remains cheap, then the stock will not have any returns. Your money will end up being stuck and sinking slowly in value. On the other hand, a value trap is like quicksand. First, your money ends up being stuck then it slowly begins to sink in value.

Therefore, how does one know if a stock is cheap or a value trap? The first thing to note is that the expensive or cheap nature of any share depends on the stock’s valuation and not on the stock’s valuation. For instance, a stock which trades for $1 is expensive if it has a high trade valuation while a stock that sells for $100 is cheap if it has a low trade valuation. You can measure a stock’s valuation using its price-to-earnings-ratio and its price-to-book value. The things to involve in such calculations include the overall fundamentals of a company. For instance, what the company earns, how much the company sells, how much they have in debt and their measure against the stock price.

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