Meet the Brain behind Launchpad Holdings LLC: Glen Wakeman

The business world is an excellent place to earn high returns. There are many people with talent and brilliant ideas that could bring change to the world if well implemented. However, many businesses fail before they even begin. It is sad to note that startups are the most affected by this syndrome.

Glen Wakeman says that this is what inspired him to begin the LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The program is there to help the young investors from failing in their businesses by educating them. Their services are charged at fair rates to see that the startups can afford them. A session of half an hour costs $100. One thing that Glen Wakeman realize is that many individuals do not know that an idea is not a plan. Glen has all the academic knowledge that is needed in the field. He’s an alumnus of the University of Scranton, where he studied Finance and Economics.

Many people are so expectant when they start a business. They expect to begin reaping returns immediately after they start the business. The moment some few challenges set in, they give up. Glen admits that it took him time before he began making the profit. Being a proficient blogger, his first client was one of his readers.

When you are starting something new, sometimes it’s normal to have doubts. You feel unsure of the credibility of your ideas and your skills. Glen says that whenever such problems set in, he used his curiosity to become innovative. He says that he always wants to find out why things are done the manner they are done, which helps him come up with solutions.

In hindsight, there are many things that we feel could be better done differently. This is because we have grown and learned from experiences. Glen says that one of the things he could do is ensure that he kept in touch with everyone who he came along when he was climbing. He says that your worth is equivalent to your networks.

Glen says that the best $100 he has spent recently was on learning the Spanish language because it helped him experience a different culture and ask his wife out on their first date.


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