Exploring The Natural Resource Industry With Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali, former geologist teacher and now an oil hunter and a self-made oil expert, possesses and offers unique skill on the market. He also shares his knowledge publically (with his friends, colleagues, and students); naturally, free of charge!

From Geology To Oil

Matt Badiali opted for two academic roads: one led to a bachelors degree in Science from the Penn State University, and the other ended him with Master’s Degree in geology, which he received at the Florida Atlantic University.

He started working as a geologist teacher, while at the same time pursuing the doctor’s degree all the way till 2014, which was the changing point in his life. In 2014, he started using his skills within the realm of the oil industry, advising clients of oil-related data.

Mixing Pleasure With Business

Matt Badiali was lured (not in a bad way) to the business by his friend, who noted that Matt could profit from the knowledge and experience that he had accumulated. Since the beginning of his new career, Badiali never failed his clients, always delivering double, sometimes even triple-digit gains.

Matt also started the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter in 2017, which allows people to understand the processes by which the oil is extracted, sold, marketed, and so forth.

Focusing On Independence

Matt Badiali is now his own boss, always has been. He used his skills properly, provided it to the natural resource market, which is always interested in data that could bring profit. Matt Badiali claimed that, when it comes to natural resource market, two things are critical:

1. understanding the economic aspect of the deal
2. understanding the geological aspect of the deal (which most companies overlook, and later pay the price for it)

Mark’s recent claims about the advance of electrical energy concerned natural resource industry. Matt Badiali said that companies should invest in battery technology, which is the only thing separating from electric energy from taking over the world.

During his career, Matt has worked with big shots in the industry, such as with Pan American Silver Chairman, as well as with his mentor, the CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Rick Rule.

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