Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of QI Group

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the head of QI Group, which is involved in a multitude of business, including

* Direct selling and e-commerce through its subsidiary QNet, formally known as QuestNet,

* Higher education, through Quest International University – Perak (QIUP) in the State of Perak, Malaysia,

* Professional training through a training group called “The V,” and

* Property development and management through its property arm QI Asset Management (QIAM).

Dr. Eswaran struggled to find unique to the market, something that would set him and his people apart. They finally settled on precious metal numismatics pursuant to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Eswaran maintains that because others were already engaged in this commerce, his competitors “were amused by us initially.” But out of 42 worldwide distributors, QuestNet finished in the top three in sales, thanks to a web-based version of direct selling, directly to consumers without the aid of retail establishments.

Dr. Eswaran believes in facing opposition and adversity head on and is determined to, like the ancient Spartans, “return with his shield, or on it.” He insists that the only way to deal with challenges by embracing them. He says that: “To me, success and failure are both elements of the same path for growth, both in my personal life as well as professional life.” Dr. Eswaran maintains that the three words that best describe an entrepreneur are inquisitive, intense, and intuitive.

According to Dr. Vijay  Eswaran, the next area of excitement for him is the establishment of the Quest International University in the Perak State of Malaysia (QIUP), which opened its doors in April 2011, through a partnership with the Perak. He believes that through the university, he can touch the lives of more people and encourage them to change and improve their lives through innovation. Dr. Eswaran actively listens to his customers and says, “It’s their stories; very real human stories of how a business is helping make a difference in someone’s life that keeps me going.” He cites this as his primary motivation and the spark that energizes him, and his people, to keep going.

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