Paul Mampilly: Nurturing Upcoming Investors

Paul Mampilly has more than twenty-five years of experience in investing, maintaining any kind of job in the finance world. He has so far covered health care and biotech as a portfolio manager and an analyst and for major global banks such as ING, Deutsche Bank, and Bankers Trust. And he has been part of the team managing over $23 billion mutual funds and another $6 billion hedge fund which Barron’s referred as one of the global biggest best hedge funds in the year 2008.

His notable list of customers has included the Templeton Foundation, European aristocracy, Swiss private banks, the Fortune 500 companies such as Sears and bigger banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. The main goal why so numerous amateur and upcoming investors are willing to head Mampilly’s advice in finance is because of his success.

Mr. Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation’s investment competition award in the year 2009 when he amazingly invested $50 million to return $88 million, which was an equivalent of more than 75 percent. Since he invested this money during one of the worst times of the recession period and invested without sacrificing stocks, Mr. Mampilly captured the attention of investors from around the world and industry experts.

Another reason Mr. Mampilly newsletter is very successful is the reason that it is deep detailed and more useful to investors. Paul Mampilly normally writes it in a manner that a new investor and a normal person can understand. His great passion for helping upcoming in- vestors become successful is very evident in all of his undertakings. His journal Profits Unlimited has been circulating for about year now.

The journal is published by renowned Banyan Hill Publishing. Immediately Mampilly’s subscribers get each newsletter; they can, therefore, visit his website to access how stocks are performing and use the information on the newsletter .Mr. Paul Mampilly chooses one or two stocks related material from the recommended portfolio for every weekly update. More than 85% of the stocks in the portfolio stay profitable constantly, but recently one shot to over 150 percent.

Although the main traditional brokers carry out the work for their clients, Paul Mampilly chooses to empower his readers and clients rather than workout every out for them. He teaches and shows them how to become smart investors. In addition, readers are responsible for creating and managing their individual brokerage accounts. They trade their individual stocks; update their own portfolios and daily track information from the Profits Unlimited newsletter to find out its relevancy.

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