Todd Levine – Attorney With the Passion in the arts

Todd Levine is a lawyer based out of Miami with a passion for the arts according to an article by Daily Business Review. Levine attended the University of Florida with a bachelors degree and with a law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law school in 1991. The attorney has all the requisite skills needed for the job with following behind terrific mentors, a love of the craft, the education, but he also has other skills that help. Todd Levine is also a musician who played the guitar, along with drawing and enjoying math and science. Following with the interest of the arts, it has assisted him as a lawyer too. The individual is simply educated and gifted enough to see some things that others can’t as he recalls in a case from looking at documents. Even the mediator himself was stunned that Levine was able to turn around a case that looked like he would lose into a victory. The attorney is involved with many firms such as Silverman, Katzan, and is the founder of Kluger. He started the firm with a group of people that expanded from 17 lawyers to now having 30. The law firm has represented famous individuals such as Alex Rodriguez in divorce cases, among other matters. Even though Todd Levine specifically was not involved in that case he has partaken in real estate cases and won them in the process. Levine attributes the success of his law firm to the dedication of the other employees and to the great work environment. The firm works to mentor other upcoming lawyer and pass down the skills needed to succeed in the craft, just as what occurred with Todd Levine.


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