Susan McGalla: A Woman Raised to Excel

When many people hear the words “girl power,” Susan McGalla enters their minds.

Before the turn of the century, McGalla was one of the women who was making history for all women in the workplace.

As the only sister of two brothers and raised by a dad who encouraged her to be all that she can be, McGalla never saw her gender as an obstacle.

Because the men in her family treated her as an equal, she walked through life seeing herself that way.

McGalla says that, because she was raised in a family of men, she was able to work well with both men and women, and her professional relationships thrived with both genders.

Susan McGalla’s career began at Joseph Horne Company. She was employed with this company for eight years and worked in both management and marketing.

After leaving Joseph Horne Company, McGalla began working for a company that is well known: American Eagle.

The executive consultant stated that when her career at American Eagle started, she saw that the staff was mostly male.

In fact, there were no women in any of the higher positions.

Through dedication and hard work, McGalla changed that.

She eventually became the company’s CEO and helped the American Eagle to have billions of dollars in sales.

Susan McGalla later decided to work for herself.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident hopes that more and more women begin to take control of their careers. She feels that any woman can see much success in the work place.

However, she also states that she never really felt any overwhelming pressure to succeed simply because she’s female.

The P3 Executive Consulting founder says that being a woman in a male-dominated environment was not on her mind day to day. She didn’t feel that she had anything to prove.

She excelled simply because that was who she was brought up to be.

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