OSI Food Solutions, premier global food provider

OSI Food Solutions is a multinational business that has topped the Forbes ranking as 58th largest private enterprise. OSI industries have grown to become a leading name in food service industry supply with a net worth of $6.1 billion despite its humble beginnings.

The company has close to 20,000 workers in its 65 branches spread across the world.
OSI industry s growth has been spanned by its high-quality cuts of meat and quality service offered to clients.

Their quality meat won them several clients including significant restaurants and hotels. It is during the same period that McDonald had established as a fast food chain. Due to demand for quality meat for its Big Macs and Classic Cheeseburgers partnerships were formed and OSI industry became the supplier of proteins for McDonald’s.

Apart from strong companies with McDonald’s that have prevailed for two decades, Otto & Sons have further expanded to providing high-quality proteins to other food distributors globally.

OSI Food Solutions commitment to quality, innovation, and high business custom standards have made them a household name in different market sectors including vegan, been alternative, and pork alternative protein replacements. Added to its array of global supplies are vegetables and fruits.

However, even with such colossal expansion and clientele base, OSI Food Solutions continues to provide consistent quality of services and products. The major contributing factor is technology OSI industry was among the early adaptors of-of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing.

This technology facilitated OSI Food Solutions global expansion as it enabled them to store and transport its products to its customers globally.

Another aspect that reinforces its longevity in the industry is it upholds most responsible business practices possible of sustainable food production. Under the management of Sheldon Lavin, the company has successfully incorporated new strategies and technologies to increase the efficiency and decrease the environmental footprint of the company’s operations.

As a result, OSI Food Solutions has won several prestigious sustainability awards, such as the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, as well as the California Green Business Award.

The company in its expansion strategy has made several acquisitions to promotes its market share this includes Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, flagship Europe, a food supplier based in the UK as well as Baho Food, a private Dutch company.

OSI success for 20years from a small company to an international brand is because of its attention to market needs and strategic growth.

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