Alex Hern: The Growth of the GPU

Alex Hern has always been a businessman that knows exactly where the market is headed. He has used that keen instinct to inform his decisions for almost 25 years now. Additionally, he is known as one of the few businessmen who can take on a company and nurture it to greatness. He is able to do this through his sheer determination. He takes on a project as a very serious endeavor. In fact, much of his career has been dedicated to furthering the cause of companies that he has become involved in. He has served at the home of some major companies.

One company that has seen exponential growth recently is Tsunami XR. Tsunami XR is a company that was founded by Alex Hern. He now serves as the CEO for it. Tsunami XR is a programming company that is specifically focusing on GPU computation compatibility for devices in the aerospace, industrial, healthcare, construction, automotive, and manufacturing industry. This company is seeking to prepare businesses for the inevitable switch to a GPU-based system. Alex Hern believes that as a GPU’s become more popular businesses need to streamline their transition over to a GPU-based system. Tsunami XR is building virtual workspaces and other programs that will be compatible with a more GPU oriented existence.

The reason why GPU’s have become so popular in recent years is that they are able to retrieve a staggering amount of data compared to the traditional CPU. While CPUs are faster than GPU’s they do not possess the same capacity. When it comes to successful computation capacity is becoming more important. This is especially true since GPU’s are able to stack and operate in a parallel motion. That means that GPU’s will work in tandem with one another where CPUs are not able to. This is one of the reasons why they have become so popular. The data will simply join a line of other data and promote a steady stream of information into necessary systems. It has become an easier way to compute with more information. Alex Kern hopes that Tsunami XR is going to be one of the companies it helps usher GPU’s into the mainstream.

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