GreenSky Seeking New Capital Options

If you are looking to make an improvement to your home, you may find that it is hard to get a loan from a traditional bank. While banks have opened up their credit standards for many different forms of lending, they have still made it hard for the average consumer to get access to the capital that they need to repair their home. While most banks have cut back on this process, the team at GreenSky Credit has continued to provide a great financing option.

Ever since the company was founded, GreenSky Credit has continued to find ways to serve their growing customer base. The company has developed a very strong niche in the real estate industry, which has helped them to become one of the leading providers of private loans. While similar companies do exist, GreenSky Credit has been able to scale due to their smart structure that allows them to partner with traditional banks. While GreenSky Credit originates and manages the loan, they often get much of their capital from a traditional bank.

While GreenSky Credit has been focused on providing loans to consumers that are used to modify and improve their homes, the company is looking for other ways to expand. Due to the success that they have had with the real estate industry, they are now venturing out into other types of consumer and small business lending. This should help to open up the ability to gain capital for millions of small businesses and consumers, which will be able to use the money for a wide variety of purposes.

Much of the success for GreenSky Credit is attributed to the help that CEO David Zalik has given when it comes to raising capital for the company. The company has gone through several rounds of private equity and venture capital funding, which has valued the company at over a billion dollars. The company is now looking for other ways to raise capital, which could include issuing an IPO in the coming years, which would help fuel any additional growth they want to have in all of their sectors.

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