Jason Halpern is Giving the Real Estate Market a Different Approach

Jason Halpern stands apart from other real estate developers in several ways and for various reasons. The founder and managing partner of JHM Development are passionate about undertaking projects in historically strategic sites and cities, producing equally significant and unique properties. His real estate projects span across Westchester County, NY and New York City and run into several million square feet, particularly in Class A commercial space.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

He has used his business acumen, expertise and experience with a vision and foresight that has led to innovative buildings that have raised standards with their landmark qualities. Jason Halpern is a dedicated manager who personally oversees projects believing that this enhances the end results.
Jason Halpern is not a man on a business mission alone as he sets aside time and resources for charitable causes. The Joel A.Halpern Trauma Center located at Westchester Medical Center is one of the beneficiaries of Jason’s philanthropy. This facility is well equipped with personnel and equipment to handle open-heart surgery and other complex emergency orthopedic and neurosurgery cases.Other challenging conditions treated at the center include burns, multiple life-threatening internal injuries among others.One of his significant philanthropic endeavors is the partnership undertaken with the global water non-profit charity organizations relief Society of Tigray and Splash. This partnership sought to donate $20,000 out of every contract signed at the developer based in Miami, Three Hundred Collins residence. The money would fund water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia in Africa.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

The 45-year-old has multiple projects in New York and Miami as he creates strategic partnerships in various works. JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures undertook an adaptive approach to put to use the historic Motel Ankara adding to the site an eight-story tower.


Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

His father Joel Halpern laid the ground for a family real estate business and Jayson has borrowed several leaves from him. The senior Halpern was a national champion in offshore powerboat racing and the son has a penchant for speed, observing that speed keeps him relaxed.
Jason Halpern is keen on steering JMH Development to high heights with a creative approach to real estate development and making strategic partnerships. As the industry continues to present more opportunities Halpern is focused on giving each project a unique approach.

Anthony Petrello Joins the Elite Financial Pay Bracket Courtesy Of His Immense Contribution at Nabors Industries Limited

Anthony Petrello or better known as Tony Petrello is widely considered to be a leading entrepreneur in the U.S. As the CEO, President and Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd, Petrello is credited with steering the company to unprecedented heights courtesy of his keen business acumen and insightful leadership. Nabors Industries prides itself in operating the largest land-based drilling fleet in the U.S and other foreign markets. As a prominent company in the industry, the company has become adept at adopting innovative technologies and high-performance tools to drill high-quality petroleum. More importantly, Nabors’s skilled labor force has also played an integral role in setting new standards that promote excellence and efficiency.

Anthony Petrello’s Career At Nabors Industries Limited

At Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello played an oversight role in the day-to-day operations of the enterprise as its CEO. His core activities revolve around providing strategic planning direction upon which the company bases its crucial goals and objectives. Alternatively, he is also tasked with ensuring that the enterprise adapts to a competitive and dynamic environment. Petrello had served as COO from 1991 to 2011 before taking up the CEO’s position in the same year and what Anthony knows.

Anthony Petrello’s Work and Education Background

Before such an esteemed leadership position at Nabors Limited, Petrello had been employed at the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he majored in taxation, general corporate law and international arbitration.

Petrello is an alumnus of Harvard Law School with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Yale. Alternatively, Tony Petrello also served as a director at the Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company and more information click here.

Tony Petrello’s Total Calculated Compensation as of FY 2015

Anthony Petrello received a staggering $15.2 million in total compensation for 2015 financial year. Of the impressive financial package, $1.5 million was enumerated as salary, $1.4 million as a bonus, $10.8 million as stock proceeds and $1.32 million as additional compensation and Anthony on Facebook.

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Alexandre Gama is an Advertising Legend

Alexandre Gama is an extraordinary Brazilian businessman. He has reached a level of success which is stupefying to the average Joe on the street. He has a penchant for creative endeavors and is a tremendous entrepreneur. The advertising agency that he founded is called Neogama and he serves as the CEO and CCO. They are a top Brazilian agency and some of their triumphant ad campaigns are known worldwide.

Alexandre Gama started his career in 1982 as a creative copywriter. His move to DM9 as Copywriter and Creative Director was where he rose to fame in the advertising world. Starting in 1990, he enjoyed a run of success for four consecutive years which saw him become the most awarded copywriter of his generation.

His ultimate arrival in the land of mega-success began in 1999 when he founded Neogama. He was truly its visionary and creative force and the world took note. They quickly became the fastest growing agency in Brazil and were awarded a prestigious Lion in the Cannes Festival. This was the first time a Brazilian agency was so honored in their first year of existence. In 2003 Neogama was uniquely honored by winning two Golden Lions in the same year in Cannes. The categories were the two main ones of Press and Film.

Alexandre Gama has received numerous awards over the years and one, in particular, is noteworthy. In 2007 he was named as one of the top three advertising men in Brazil. His influence and relevance were cited and led to this distinction.


Nitty-Gritty Concerning Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping Mall

Mr. Roberto Santiago is a self-made entrepreneur famously known for his luxurious Manaira Shopping Mall. Manaira shopping mall is located in Joao Pessoa where is defines the comfort of the residents around. If you are seeking for a venue offering a broad range of variety, you need not look any further. At Manaira, you enjoy more than just an enriched cuisine. The mall illuminates the northeastern town popularly known for its friendly nature. Precisely, the real definition of entertainment and fun for individuals and families is experienced nowhere else. Families are always streaming in searching for tranquility and space.

How Santiago’s Manaira Mall has Offered Different Recreational Alternatives

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping boasts as among Brazil’s finest. Roberto Santiago left no stone unrolled when raising the structure. He was sure to match up the mall standards with the best the world could ever have. The Paraiba-based mall opened its doors to the entire public in 1989 and has since allowed access to the city dwellers. They allow an unmatched environment for teenagers and children with a special interest in gaming. Young people flock in the fun haven for all-time entertainment. Better still, there are also colleges within the mall. Students taking studies from there enjoy spending their leisure time at the gaming stations. Read more on pbnews.com.

The Famous Domus Hall

At the mention of Manaira shopping mall, most people’s minds strike to Domus Hall. It serves as the venue for most cinemas around Paraiba. Apart from having ample space of columns, Domus Hall has a beautiful and an accommodative interior. Additionally, the chamber is designed in such a way to allow an unobstructed view of the stage regardless of your position. Depending on the configuration of the event, the ground floor could hold tables and chairs. If you have a touch for exclusive shows in an exciting place, then Domus Hall it is. The primary objective of building Domus Hall was to attract prominent artists both national and international.

Essential Traits Worth Picking from Roberto Santiago’s Success Story

Dedication and devotion are the main things making Mr. Roberto different in the real estate sector. At the age of 58, Roberto was celebrating significant milestones achieved as a result of his unrelenting zeal. Initially, Roberto settled on writing but then realized it could not get him where he wanted to be. To satisfactorily flourish in his pursuits, Santiago had to shift from writing to real estate, a decision he does not regret. It was then that he settled on establishing Manaira, a project he knew would catapult his fame and reputation. In 1989, Roberto Santiago launched his iconic property. He believes it was not the end of his coming into the limelight with great real estate investments. Brazil is looking up to him as good things are cooking behind Roberto’s capital plans.

View more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,10000096117

The Success Story of Capital Group Chief Executive Officer

Commonly known as Tim, he is the chairman of the Capital Group and principal executive officer in the Capital Research and Management. He is experienced regarding the equity market and management having a 32-year expertise in the Capital Group. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics that he got from Middlebury College, and he is in Los Angeles.

In his contributions, he is candid and open about some market issues that affect the ordinary people who wish to invest. He is not a sycophant and tells it like it is. After strict scrutiny on the issues, he raises general conclusions, and he has at times opposed views of prominent businesspeople. He argues that the views are not accurate. The million dollar charity that Warren Buffet staked was going to give profits in an S and P passive index fund. Warren did not get into high resources that give a disadvantage to the businessmen and more information click here.

Tim Armour likes supporting the lowering of incurred costs as told by Buffet’s explanation and he says that if it is implemented in the USA, it will teach people how to save money when they retire. The citizens need to invest heavily but in the sectors that are productive to ensure that they are stable when they retire.

He has some opinions that are not on par with Warren’s views. He has said that the ideas are old and cannot be productive in today’s society. Too much mutual funds will end up giving fewer profits especially if they are invested for a long time. Some risks are involved, and the costs are underrated or unknown in most cases. Long term investments will have better profits that will end up giving the investors a better return and the long period of investment ensures the little cost of input and learn more about Tim.

Investors risk the perils of volatility that will come with losses in market downturns. They need to put into consideration investing in active funds in the American Funds that have higher returns. The money will come in large amounts when they invest heavily in them. There will be low expenses and high manager supervision in the capitals that they pump in hence good returns and resume him.

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Samuel Strauch Suburban Recommendations

Samuel Stauch, as the owner of Metrik Real Estate, specializes in finding creative ways to get the equity that his clients need. His management, creative acquisitions that he makes the focus of his real estate practice, are his true gift. It’s rare to find someone who can accomplish what Samuel Stauch does for his clients. He has been helping South Florida and Latin America now for over 15 years. Here is his list of the top 10 suburban neighborhoods in which to live and what makes them so great and more information click here.

  1. Denver, Colorado
  2. Dallas, Teas
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Austin, Teas
  5. Tampa, Florida
  6. Orlando, Florida
  7. Miami, Florida
  8. San Jose, California
  9. Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Raleigh, North Carolina

Each city offers something that is special for families. Denver has more cultural attractions that other places do. Dallas has some of the most affordable housing anywhere in America today. It also has no state income tax. San Francisco offers cultural awareness and some of the best schools anywhere today. Austin has Daffan, a new suburb that is more affordable than other neighborhoods in the area. Austin is famous for its special events and music. Tampa, Florida has a wonderful employment market, and has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere. Orlando is an obvious good choice for families. And his Linkedin, A night out could mean a special parade at Disney. It’s also a great place for education. Imagine how happy your child would be having a field trip at Disney World. Miami has a great nightlife and cultural atmosphere. That one’s good for the kids and their parents. Look for the suburb of Cutler Bay to save a lot of money on housing. San Jose, California offers some of the best mass transit anywhere. Nashville, Tennessee has a wonderful housing market. It’s very affordable for families to live there. Raleigh, North Carolina has a lot of things for families. It is cheaper than most places in America today. It also offers some of the best education options. All of these options are recommended by Samuel Strauch for families to raise their kids and what Samuel knows.

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Who Should Join Nine9?

There are many people who are finding their career path throughout Nine9. Acting gigs galore are showcased in all areas, and so many people are lovingthe beauty behind the brand and what they have to offer. Nine9 gives people the chance to land acting jobs, be seen by casting directors, alongside how to better be presented to the entertainment world. Their guidance and knowledge can help you move forward, but you’re probably still on the edge if you should join Nine9. There are specific people who should join the site.

Those who are a perfect fit for the company are those who genuinely find it in their heart that they want to pursue a career in this industry. Nine9 is the site that can help you get the start you need in this industry. What makes them so reliable is the fact that they have talented people on their team. Nine9 is perfect for those of you who are struggling to land jobs in the acting world. Are you finding it tough to find casting calls that fit your needs? Are you looking for positions that match what you have to offer? There are several people who find this brand to be very helpful for all aspects of the business. Things like being encouraged and inspired once again is always a great help from them, and it is very inspiring how well Nine9 can help get anybody ready for this business. Nine9 is so well respected and knowledgeable, and they can help get you moving in the right direction of the job and read full article.

Nine9 is the right place for any newbie actor, whether you are 12 years old or 72 years old. There is a job out there for everybody. Their marketing tools can help you find an acting job for every person and learn more about Nine9.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali, Brazilian Attorney Fighting Corruption.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is an attorney in Sao Paulo. His career is focused on preventing corporate and administrative corruption, abuse of power, and impropriety. He helped found the FAGALI advocacy firm and is also the corporate integrity manager at New/Sb. Bruno Jorge Fagali is extremely dedicated to fighting corruption and preventing abuses of power in government and corporations.

He works at FAGALI advocacy, where he is a founding partner, a law firm that specializes in compliance, public law, anti-corruption, and election. He graduated from Sao Paulo University in 2017 with his masters in Law. At the same time he was studying at Sao Paulo University, he was also majoring in Compliance at the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

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In addition to his work at FAGALI, Bruno Jorge Fagali is the corporate integrity manager of New/Sb, an advertising agency located in the Sao Paulo area in Brazil. He is the manager of their newly created integrity program, one of the first to consult the CGU about its corporate rules. Bruno Jorge Fagali is dedicated to fighting corruption and making sure the law is handled honorably and with justice. Bruno Jorge Fagali is definitely a force for good in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

See:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009175216604

Equities First Ensuring Low Interest Rates Startup Capital Loans

Dissimilar with various lenders, at Equities First, customers are served in a special way and not just like any other transaction. Behind every great company, there is a tale of working smart, livelihood and vision. Equities First workers sets aside their time to comprehend your financial needs, your capacity and other key necessities. Clients only get funded for their right product and service. More so, applying and acquiring a working capital is not hard as found with many traditional lenders.

The company (Equities First – http://www.equitiesfirst.co.uk/) is an innovative lender organization that is devoted in furnishing individuals and organizations with stock loans. The loans come with fixed and affordable interest rates of ranging from 3 to 4% and great LTV (Loan to Value) ratios hence becoming the right product for clients. With 15 years of experience, at Equities First we understand the essence of working capital and financial related hiccups that startups face. Even as the firm serves different kinds of clients, it gets the right products with the company standing on the gap of financial challenges and more information click here.

Getting a loan your business financially can be distressing but it also the most crucial parts when commencing and operating your business. Very organizations proceed with their operations without the need of financial help but at the end of it all they may fail to accomplish every other objective. Before acquiring that loan your startup need to have clear missions and strategies for growth and development. And that is how the skilled team of specialist at Equities First ensures your firm benefits from the right guidelines and financial products. With the increasing demerits of traditional loans particularly after the financial crisis, stock based loans are turning out as the most preferred way of acquiring capital for majority of potential investors. You need to call us and start the journey of developing your business loan.

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How Jason Halpern and His Family Have Taken over the Brooklyn Real Estate Sector

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Making it big in the real estate business is no mean feat of achievement. It becomes further difficult if you are trying to penetrate places like Brooklyn, Manhattan and indeed the rest of the New York State. It takes pure guts, sheer wit and a lot of money to get started out as a realtor in the first place. The Halpern family is one of New York’s leading real estate barons and they’ve been at the top of this lucrative niche for three decades today.

Jason’s Working Partners

Current estimates place the amount of money doled out to fund projects by JMH Properties owned by the Halpern’s to stand a little shy of one billion dollars. And that is just in the span of a couple of financial years alone. In 2010, JMH Development got tasked with the lead responsibility for overseeing the construction of a behemoth project which culminated in the setting up of 184 high-end apartments. That project took place in the Kent area. In the Brooklyn area, they’ve completed a couple of dozen of townhouses.

Jason Halpern Role at JMH Developer

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern, the heir to the multi-million dollar empire founded by his father, plays a very active role in the company. He first started working at his father’s firm on the 2nd of April 2014 as he assumed the role and position of the Principal Director of JMH Developer. Jason is often appearing on news articles relating to the real estate sector. On the 30th September 2016, there appeared an article in the Miami Herald talking about one of his milestone achievements in the industry. The article dubbed, “Aloft South Beach Hotel sold for $105 – and now it’s the Gates.

Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Jason’s Family

That loft in South Beach got acquired thanks to the brilliant negotiation skills of Jason Halpern and his team of experts at JMH. Barely a year, the simplistic loft underwent a marvelous transforming witnessing it becoming a front line beach hotel with 235 rooms. The hotel officially got opened in the beginning of 2015. Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony, Jason could not hide his excitement at how fast and flawless the project had proceeded thus far. He took the opportunity to thank all those who had chipped into to make the project a success and he hoped to continue working with them till the very end.