Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary

Mrs. DeVos might be best described as one of the GOP’s most ardent proponents in the midwest, as she has supported a large number of GOP nominees. Also, she has done this while performing her work which is intended to reform the educational policies of the United States of America. On the other hand, when it came time for her to be confirmed before the Senate, her rivals grilled her incessantly because they wanted to try to force her to make a mistake.


However, even though her liberal opponents tried to force her to make an error, the GOP controlled Senate proceeded to verify her in her new role as the manager of the Education Department for the Trump administration. Additionally, she has stated that her primary aim is to reform the educational system that is presently in place for the United States of America. Furthermore, she will have the chance to put her ideas into practice now that she is in charge of deciding how the Education Department’s budget should be spent.


However, her performance during her Senate hearing resulted in a few statements that have been used to mock her in the mass media zeitgeist. As an illustration, she was ridiculed for stating that firearms might be necessary to protect rural schools from wild animal attacks. Also, her support for charter schools has caused many supporters of public schools to attempt to discredit her.


On the other hand, even though she has some rivals that want to discredit her, she has managed to get control of the federal government’s Education Department. Therefore, this control means that she now has a clear field to be able to implement her novel ideas with regards to how the public education system should function in the United States of America. Also, many of her supporters state that the fact that she is an outsider to the world of education means that she will be able to come up with some new ideas on how public education should work. However, it is no surprise that many liberals dislike her, as she supports the use of private schools, and this has caused the teachers’ unions to unite in opposition to her.


Consequently, you should be aware that her confirmation by the Senate was only pushed through with the help of the GOP’s VP, Mr. Pence. The reason his vote was required was because a pair of the GOP’s senators defected from the side of the conservatives to vote with the liberals to try to stop the confirmation of Mrs. DeVos. Therefore, the votes in the Senate were tied, with fifty senators supporting the endorsement of Mrs. DeVos, and fifty senators opposing the confirmation of Mrs. DeVos.


Hence, to break this tie, Mr. Pence had to serve as a tiebreaker, which is one of the functions that the VP of the United States of America has to perform. However, it should be noted that a VP being required to do this is a relatively rare occurrence, and this is indicative of the fact Mrs. DeVos is a divisive figure.


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