Easy Steps To Creating A Stress-Free Party Planning Experience

Planning a party and not stressing out is nearly impossible. Getting all the details hashed out and coordinating with people can make you want to pull out your hair. There is an easy steps you can make along the way to make the process much easier. Here are some tips that can be a life saver.


Start out with a list of what to do. In other words get organized. This is like laying your foundation for success. It also helps when you can cross off stuff that you have accomplished, takes some of the stress off. Let your guests know you are having a party by sending out invites. This will be a good reminder of fun to come. Send them home with a fun and personal party favor. Let them know you appreciated them coming.


Keep the stress levels down by keeping appetizers and the food simple. Don’t stress yourself out trying to make the most complicated recipe ever. Simple is also tasty, just use quality products. In that line of thought, also keep the decorations and table setting simple too. People are going to pay more attention to each other, not the decor. You can also set up a simple kids table so they can stay occupied while the adults can relax. You can throw some butcher paper down, along it some colorful crayons. They can draw their little hearts out. Speaking of adults, make it easy by offering a self-serve bar. They all can get what they want, when they want it.


Just remember most importantly whatever happens, stay calm. You are the host/hostess and you are steering the car. Keep your energy light and happy, your guests will follow.

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Julie Zuckerberg’s Career As An Executive Recruiter

With the changing business environment, companies have been forced to enhance the quality of employees that they employ. This is because employees determine the quality of services a company can offer. With loads of corporations fighting for the same customers, customer care and quality services remain as every company’s top priority. Factors such as technology and funding are also crucial in determining the success of a business. Finding talented employees is also becoming a herculean task. To this end, companies have been enlisting the services of renowned recruitment experts such as Julie Zuckerberg. The visionary leader is the executive talent acquisition lead of the Deutsche Bank. The manager’s experience in the field has enabled her to develop imperative skills and master the sophisticated art of talent acquisition. In New York City, Julie Zuckerberg is considered one of the most efficient recruitment and human resource specialists. She has worked in the recruitment field for over 15 years. Over the years, she has been able to transform many companies through leading the process of hiring their top executives. The recruitment manager also boasts of an excellent educational background. She is a graduate of the City University of New York and The New York Law School.

Julie started her talent acquisition career in 2002 when she worked as Hudson’s director of candidate placement. Here, she worked directly with the company’s clients. Her services to the firm included facilitating the recruitment of case managers, paralegals, attorneys, and support staff. Mostly, Julie worked with financial institutions and law firms. In 2007, the recruitment expert left Hudson and joined Citi Global Functions. As the executive recruiter of the firm, she managed to handle the cutthroat corporate world competition. The new position also provided her with the chance to learn new skills and test her expertise in the field. After four years, she moved to Citi Global Bank where she also served as an executive recruiter. She was heavily involved in the recruitment of senior level executives at the corporation. Her responsibilities were also more complex. Julie’s hard work and commitment resulted in her promotion to serve as the vice president & executive recruiter of Citi. This information was originally published on Mast Heading website.

Having spent his early years recruiting talented employees for different organizations, Julie was curious to try her hand a new field. Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company where she served as an experienced hire recruiting lead and corporate vice president. She worked for the firm between 2013 and 2014. In this short period, she was responsible for hiring senior level managers. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg works for the Deutsche Bank as the vice president and executive recruiter. Apart from providing leadership in the recruitment process of top talented employees, Julie also oversees various functions such as asset management, wealth & commercial clients, private, and GTO recruitment issues. Julie uses a unique approach to recruitment. She prefers working with senior managers from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process. This approach helps her to recruit talented employees who satisfy the needs of the company and its clients.



Omar Boraie Chair at Rutgers Cancer Institute

On November 2015, Rutgers Cancer Institute established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, reports Patch.com. The reason was to facilitate precision medicine research. At higher education level, an endowed chair is considered the gold standard which shows the institute’s commitment to a particular academic discipline. Omar Boraie is a real estate developer who is famous for his work in Brunswick. To support Genomic Science research at the cancer institute, he has donated a huge amount of one-and-half million dollars. Rutgers University has an eighteen chair campaign in which each donor provides one-and-half million dollars. The chair named after Boraie is one of them. One can find the details of this information at Newswire.

The fields like Genomic Science and Precision Medicine are rapidly changing in the modern era. As a result, the scientists and medical researchers are forced to change their methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is about analyzing and treating the tumor. The new approach enables oncologists to provide better results through tailored therapies. Even former US President Barack Obama mentioned in his State of the Union Address that an initiative for precision medicine would be launched on a national level. It would focus on the treatment of many diseases including cancer. Several centers are trying to find a cure for cancer by using gene sequencing. Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first one to use genomic sequencing.

There are some cancer problems that do not have effective treatments. Genomic sequencing is necessary to find therapies for such problems. At the same time, precision medicine is categorizing the sub-categories of different types of cancers based on similar characteristics but separate genetics. The process facilitates to bring better results, and doctors can proceed with individualized cancer therapies.

Omar Boraie expressed his views about the work being done by the physicians and scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute. He said that they are doing a good job in precision medicine which would help patients with unusual cancers. It will be a very good thing if all cancer patients can benefit from this advancement. Boraie’s pledge is to support this important work that can bring unexpected results. He added that his family’s pledge would also encourage other people to support this important work. Robert S. DiPaola, Director Rutgers Cancer Institute, said that Boraie is working on developing a healthcare city in New Brunswick, https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick. It is expected that there will be a significant advancement in Genomic Science due to Omar Boraie’s support.

Source: crunchbase.com

Lime Crime Releases Scandal Velvetine Lipstick


The internet based makeup company, Lime Crime, recently released a new addition to their Velvetine lipstick line. The new Scandal Velvetine lipstick has the same great long-lasting and rich formula. It is also in a liquid to matte finish and a one of a kind violet-purple hue. Scandal is also cruelty free and 100% vegan. This new intense plum matte lipstick was designed to add unexpected drama to your pout with the same great formula the company has been known for years. Like all cosmetic products created by Lime Crime, this new lipstick was designed and developed by CEO and founder Doe Deere.


According to Deere, Scandal was created for edgy girls with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. This color is also very on trend this season according to US Weekly. This lipstick would pair well with a bold black liner to add even more drama. The best way to prepare lips for wearing such a bold color is to apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to applying the Scandal lip color. A lip brush can make application easier and more precise. At the end of the day, the lip color can easily be removed with a waterproof makeup remover or oil. This is a long wearing lip color.


Lime Crime is an online trendy makeup company that has almost 3 million Instagram followers. It is based out of Los Angeles, CA. The company’s focus and mission is creating a product that allows for freedom of expression. They are committed in creating high quality and high performing makeup products.  Find out more on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

In 1991, was funded as one of the leading document-processing company and research into the real estate property records and reports. For this reason, the company has stayed up to the satisfaction of their clients and served the real estate environment without fear or favour. For the company, nothing gives them more happiness than to engage in the actual and seamless access to property records. For this reason, they have also worked to stay ahead of the rest in the provision of access to the real estate property records. The company has also served the residential mortgage industry as well as the financial sector responsible for issuing the funds for the industry.


For all those who know the company, they understand that it has a reputation for offering the highest level of comprehensive information regarding property records in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has provided the people with accurate research opportunities concerning the real estate environment as well as the quality documents emanating from their processes. For this reason, they have worked to set a standard for homeowners to emulate. For the company, they engage the production and assistance of the land records through the help if their most experienced people in the industry. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to get the best population through the aid of the experts who know everything concerning the real estate property records and titles.


For the company, nothing gives them faith than to specialise in the production of land records in a manner which emulates their superiority in these activities in the country. For the company, why always work to develop high-end solutions to the companies involved in the search materials in the country. The company has also won numerous awards in the real estate category as one of the best producers of the property titles are reports in a seamless manner in the country.


I the recent past, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. have responded to the mighty calls of action by the real estate environment to kerb the increased lack of competitiveness in the environment where property records are not easily accessible. For this reason, the company has developed a new website which allows people to access their property records through the online application form. This is a call o action which has rendered many people blame themselves for the occurrence of the wrongful foreclosures. Moreover, others feel that they contribute to stagnation of business.